Indexed Journal

176 International Refereed Journal of Researches on Economy Management Economy Management
177 Bulletin of Science and Practice Science and Practice
178 International Refereed Journal of Music Researches Music Researches
179 Medico Research Chronicles Research Chronicles
180 Journal of Practice in Clinical Psychology (JPCP) Clinical Psychology (JPCP)
181 International Refereed Journal of Psychiatry and Psychological Researches Psychiatry and Psychological Researches
182 Anatomical Sciences Journal (ASJ) Anatomical Sciences
183 The Journal of Zhytomyr State Technological University. Series: Engineering Engineering
184 International Refereed Journal of Nursing Research Nursing Research
185 Global Journal of Emerging Trends in e-business, Marketing and Consumer Psychology e-business, Marketing and Consumer Psychology
186 International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Physical Education & Sports
187 Global Review of Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management
188 International Refereed Journal of Nutrition Research Nutrition Research
189 International Refereed Journal of Marketing and Market Researches Marketing and Market Researches
190 UHIVE International Journal of Communication and Humanities Research Communication and Humanities Research
191 Journal of Client-centered Nursing Care (JCCNC) Client-centered Nursing Care
192 International Refereed Journal of Architecture and Design Architecture and Design
193 ACED International journal of Family, Child and Education Family, Child and Education
194 UHBAB International Refereed Journal of Humanities and Academic Sciences Humanities and Academic Sciences
195 SSTB International Refereed Academic Journal of Sports, Health and Medical Sciences Sports, Health and Medical Sciences
196 IIB International Refereed Academic Social Sciences Journal Academic Social Sciences
197 Salmand: Iranian Journal of Ageing Ageing
198 Physical Treatments: Specific Physical Therapy Journal (PTJ) Specific Physical Therapy
199 Health in Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly (HDQ) Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly
200 Journal of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences Medical Sciences

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